krishnareddy maddireddy

1) TV unit with vinner mat finishing, LED light and home teater wiring provision.

2) Home teater speakers support glass to be supply and fix at 4 sides of wall.

3) All Doors Sinmaike and replacement of darbandram color. including door locks to be replaced with new one as we select.

4) Wall dressing table in both bedrooms to be done with wood including supply of glass.

5) All window and main doors rods to be supplied and fixing to be done.

6) Both washrooms and serive areas, where sink has been fixed there mirror to be supplied and fixied.

7) Kitchen room cupboard to be taken glassly wood finishing.

8) Out side chapal stand
to be fixied.

9) Dinning area cupboards to be fixed as per our requirement.

10) Pooja room cubbords to be done.

11) Pooja room door bells cutouts to be made in existing door as same in our house pooja room.

12) Bedrooms cubbords handels to be provided as per our selection.

13) Make one cubbords at service area to keep detergent and cleaning materials.

14) Fall ceiling

please send the quote

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  • PRO
    Studio Chippan
    4 years ago
    how can anyone possibly supply quote without measurements? Please consult an interior decorator.
  • Krishna Reddy Maddireddy
    Original Author
    4 years ago
    1310 sft
  • PRO
    Vasundhara Latwal
    4 years ago

    Hi Krishna Reddy Maddireddy if you are looking for an interior designer or decorator you can search the Houzz India directory: Find professionals - you can refine your search by type of professional and location.

    Hope this helps,

    Vasundhara (Houzz Team India)