Help our brand new traditional kitchen get a modern 'outlook'!!!

3 June 2013
I am surely the biggest fool in the wide wide world. Our brand new house with a traditional kitchen is complete and I do not like it because I saw some photos of contemporary kitchens very recently. However our appliances are stainless steel and the cabinets are dark and the granite is a quite favorable golden brown. Now to impose a modern look, can I use some contemporary light fixtures in chrome finish+glass? Please please advise, and what other ways decor-wise can achieve the desired effect?
Desperate-going crazy

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  • 0825sam
    I think so. Another way to add something contemporary or modern would be bar stools with some chrome to tie in the lights.
    This style of light came to mind as something contemporary but that could work in a more traditional space. This was the most traditional pic I could find with it.
  • 0825sam
    Here with dark cabinets

    By the way if it makes you feel any better, I did a modern kitchen and suddenly started seeing these more ornate kitchens I loved. So I put an antique rug in the kitchen and I feel much better :) I am sure with some accessories you can add that contemporary flair.
  • padmini65
    Thanks a bunch for your helpful comments.
  • 0520
    Using more contemporary fabrics on windows or cushions for chairs might help
  • PRO
    You have a great opportunity to go eclectic. So using very modern and colourful elements for the kitchen - modern storage cannisters, a vase, lights, toaster, even mixer, you start to introduce shocks of colour and shape that jar with the expectations in a traditional kitchen. In this image see how the chairs just add a touch of cheek to cheer up the kitchen...
    Kim Johnson- renovated kitchen · More Info
  • 0825sam
    Love asv's chairs. Also a ghost chair or other lucite chair would work