Cork, marmoleum, bamboo, tell me what you would suggest for 3 bedrooms

design novice
6 November 2017

Finally the carpets are on their way out and I am wanting a more natural product (to reduce allergens) to put in 3 bedrooms and an office, need 60m yikes!

Spent a long time researching and the above sound like they are very good re being natural products and less vocs, formaldehyde conerns etc

I wondered if any of you had any of the above in a bedroom and if so, would you recommend?

Many thanks Houzzers

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    Amanda Clothier

    I would worry about issues with seams in the floor with marmoleum and what you will be laying it on top of, if its not a concrete screed will lumps and bumps come through. A flooring professional would be able to advise - check out this Houzz thread [[( A cork floor will not be hardy enough to withstand an office chair rolling around on it repeatedly either. I would definitely go for the bamboo in the office, though cork might be nice and tactile under the feet for a bedroom.

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  • design novice

    Thank you very much Amanda, plenty of food for thought and from what you say, I will rule out marmoleum as I have pine floorboards. One more question, the office leads from the living room (which has 1960s original herringbone parquet flooring) It is quite dark as it is aged. I am not going to sand if for some time but when I do it will lighten it considerably. Do you think bamboo will be enough of a contrast and I wonder what to do shade wise, given the living room floor may well be lighter in a couple of years? Should I try and colour match to the shade it will be or do you think I may be over thinking this and should just choose a shade I like?!

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    Amanda Clothier

    Do you know what wood the parquet is made from? If I was you I would move my sofa and sand back a bit of the floor that will be covered by furniture. Then I would be able to see the kind of colour I'm trying to work with. I would say if both floors are going to be a mid to light colour it would be best to get as close a match as possible colour wise. I have two slightly different oak floors at home and it does look a little weird where they join (but then they are different plank sizes too). It just depends how particular you are. Did you know you can get bamboo parquet?

    If you are not too precious about the old parquet floor I would suggest that after sanding back you stain it in a colour to match with your new bamboo floor, then even if the two floors are a different design the difference won't be glaringly obvious.

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