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5 years ago
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I would like to get ideas from experienced pepple from the designing industry regarding my property ....my architect,interior designer gave me ideas but i wish i would get some international and modern ideas ...i would be obliged by suggestions....i designed the exterior and basic plaster n window concepts myself....


This us the living drawing room wall concept.big window wud b having split ac in middl

Kids room wardrobe selection...prerable laminate

Wall connecting two floors

living room inside the house...place to sit n chat...iam thinking of putting etching work on glass mirror on the wall with huge lamp lights on both corners with comfortable seating arrangement...this is the centre place of house

Another dilemma of glass window in the shaft bringing natural light to kids bathroom

This is my worry,im experimenting with a see through window from the foyer wall in hallway towards drawing room...i want this wall to be centre of attention bringing glimse inside

Outdoor walls with brickwork and italian design...ideas are always welcome

Our drawing or living room...want expensive and lavish look...bling,shimmer,gold ,mirror work etc.

thanks in advance

Anything for kids study room

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