Need to transform the look

kishore sai
28 September 2017
The living room has too much light most of the times. I have not really decorated the interiors. Looking for modern theme. Need advice for the following
1. What color best suits the accent wall?
2. What kind of sofa looks good? (L shape or two 3-seater)
3. What can I do with the extra space next to the refrigerator?
4. What kind of wall decor should I go with?

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  • Prabha Kramadhati

    Hi Kishore

    A sectional L shape sofa would give you an option to put your feet up and lounge. For a more formal occasion you can move them apart and turn it into a three + two seater.

  • Shoubhik Dasgupta
    First, the furniture is too traditional for a modern look. I would go for a light, airy look to take advantage of the oodles of natural light.
    Can go for Scandi designs. Look at Ikea for simple inspirations.
    Would also suggest changing the curtains for plain blinds or even plain curtains in a heavy fabric. Textured fabric will do quite well here, I suppose.
  • kishore sai
    Thanks @Prabha and @Shoubhik. Will certainly work on similar lines. Also any recommendations for arch design? Or room divider I can go with? (Pic attached)
  • Shoubhik Dasgupta
    Kishore, if you go with Scandi style, I would say keep the arches like they are, maybe can clad in wood / laminate. BTW, I am not an architect or interior designer. The pros will be better on this.
  • PRO
    Ar. Ketan Bandekar

    Arch design would help you "frame" the space nicely. But I can't recommend for or against it unless I see the overall plan. It depends on whether the dining table is the "presentable highlight" of the house.