Help me decide floor tiles people!

Deepak Kumar
11 May 2017
last modified: 29 August 2017

Hello I am currently making a house and i am massively confused between which tile should i get to get my house flooring done. I have attatched some images. Please help me decide

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  • PRO

    From right side 1, 4 & 6 looks good

  • PRO
    P K Associates

    I think the brown and white one in the centre will look good.

  • PRO
    Vasundhara Latwal

    The first on the right in this picture!

  • PRO
    Studio Black - The Design Factory

    Middle one - Beige Color Vitrified Tile.

  • Anmol Kaur
    It would depend on the kind of sofas and other furnitures and also the theme of your house . All of these can be matched with good furnitures
  • shivani_jadhav3911
    i feel the white marble tile would make the room more bright and lively :)
  • PRO
    Pooja Khanna Tyagi


  • Janice Janice
    You can't go wrong with white, looks bright, clean, contemporary and elegant
  • safvikashmir
    Different people will give different advice. But at the end it is your own that count.
    what I believe is that it depends on lighting and base design of that particular room in which you wish to install it.
    If you want an airy feel, go with lighter shades(gloss), and if you are somewhat conservative I would say pick a darker shade(preferably matte).
  • neerajachatta
    2nd grey tile from left for the floor .
  • PRO
    Sanjays Nest

    The last one (or right most one) is probably the most neutral and bound to look good with everything. The grey and brown ones are very interesting, but bold and need your furniture, walls and curtains to compliment them.

  • PRO
    Architect and Interior Designer

    The selection of the tiles always depends on the function of the room, size, who is going to use the room, whats his/her taste of color, what theme the space user would like to have. However, all the tiles are looking great except the second one from the right.

  • PRO
    Architect and Interior Designer

    So I suggest you to look into the size of the room and its type and than what theme you want to have for each room than select the tiles.

    Post photos of present room where these are planned so that experts can guide you in right direction else you will lead in to troubles, because floor plays major role in color scheme.
  • tuffkins20

    I am assuming you haven't finalised your wall colours and colours of any other fixed elements. In case you have finalised your color scheme you would need to see which of these colours blend well or complement with that scheme. Assuming none of this info is available, then you could look at the neutrals which go with all colours. The white tile and the 2 colours at the end would be preferable. If you want color on the floor as well as drama, you can choose from the 2nd options from both sides or even the 1st from left.

  • Charmaine Almond

    high gloss tiles are difficult to keep clean. I think something like, or looks like travertine would be better

  • PRO
    Momentum Janitorial

    Hi,all ideas are nice,but in my opinion you should go for white and brown tiles.But for maintain its beauty you should clean it regularly With over 25 years of experience in this field, we use
    incredible ideas and techniques for floor cleaning that consist High-speed
    polishing, waxing and sealing, honing and grinding. This way you can give your floor or tiles a professional shine.

  • PRO
    GJ Studio

    I like the one on the extreme right - it looks like 'raw silk'. It is neutral, yet warm at the same time and has minimal grain. Whether you choose cool colours (blue or green), or warm ( red, rust or brown) for your soft furnishings, they will go well with this unobtrusive beige. I prefer not to choose a very dominant grain in the flooring, because it limits your choices in upholstery

  • Ashish Rana
    sir which type floor be used
    marvel best ya Tile mating
    plz sucessed me
  • Ashish Rana
    which type floor mating Tile be used this home plz