How has your mother's interior style influenced you?

Vanessa Walker
26 April 2017

Hi Houzzers,

In the lead up to Mother's Day we have a question for you...

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Did you inherit your mum's decor style? Or does your home look totally different from hers? Chime in with photos, and you might be featured on Houzz.

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  • oklouise

    My darling mother never had money for "decorating" and I can't remember anything new as all belongings were made up of a collection of cast off, second hand and recycled bits and pieces that she scrubbed and polished, repainted and recovered but it looked and felt warm and inviting and the house and garden were always full of flowers. Her pride and joy was the Moroccan tile inspired splashback that she made out of some old wrapping paper, carefuly cut to fit and varnished to make it waterproof...meant to last only 'til she saved up for real tiles it was the starting point for the colours of paint and curtains and cushions and rugs and was only reluctantly replaced years later when the paper finally disintegrated but, nothing ever looked or felt so perfect...many more years later i think of her when I have to decide between a loved old piece of junk and having the option to choose something new and i'm afraid the scruffy usually wins

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  • LesleyH
    A love of autumn tones and comfortable furniture.
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  • hayley

    My mother wanted red everywhere. Red walls, red couches. She was a very passionate person. I am no less passionate but my love of red decor only goes so far! At the moment, I only have one red cushion in my living room. It's a nice little memory of her.

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  • Kerrie Chapman

    My taste in interior style, I would have to say, is strongly influenced by my father rather than my mother. Mum and I had very different tastes. She had a love for soft, feminine pastels and florals, and delicate-looking furniture, which looked lovely and totally suited her Me personally, I'm much more into the beautiful, no-fuss simplicity of mid century modern, with its simple lines, warm, bright, colours and light, honey-coloured timbers, and nothing too fussy-looking in the way of ornaments.

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  • PRO
    Anne Webster Designs Pty Ltd

    I grew up with my mother painting, wallpapering, making all our curtains, upholstering chairs and always yearned to be an Interior Designer but never had the confidence. She most definitely influenced me in looking further afield for amazing furniture and artefacts globally that can still work with traditional English antiques. There's little bits of my interiors that refer back to her and home life for sure.

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  • ChrissyL

    My parents - a working class couple- made their money by purchasing houses and "doing them up". This, however, would not have been so successful if my mother had not been blessed with an innate sense of style, which was evidenced in, not only, the way she decorated each home, but also in her personal dress. Every piece of furniture, as well as the soft furnishings ( mainly made by Mum) were very carefully chosen, and always seemed to exude a sense of flair in either style or colour. Even with the 70's love of orange, nothing was ever garish. What I loved the most, was the fluid nature of her decor- all rooms had some colour connection, so in a way, the whole house seemed "naturally" co-ordinated, and in a way my decorating style reflects this notion of connectedness ( although she was much braver with colour - I tend to the neutral). I just love that my three daughters seem to have inherited her sense of style!

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  • Sara Wurm
    White walls did not exist in my family home... thank goodness. Grew up with cork wallpaper, velvet-covered sofas, brocade curtains and blinds, metallic wallpapers, grass cloth wallpapers. I still have no idea where my parents got their amazing taste from !!
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  • debanger3
    I always thought my mother had bad taste as far as decor in the home went.....God it was awful! My parents were poor but as a youngster that was no excuse for me being ashamed to bring friends home ( I suffer the guilt of the damned!). Many years later, I was an adult, they sold our old home and made enough to buy a small but sweet home unit. With the money left over from the sale of the home my mother set about refurbishing the new place with new furniture. What she made of the place was astonishing! She made it warm, tasteful and a pleasure to be in. I realised she had always had the good taste, just never the money to express it.
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