Need help with balcony plants which will camouflage the facing area

Veena Srikanth
29 April 2013
Houzz has been my favorite read for design dilemmas (and solutions)! Here's mine. I have a little portion in my little balcony that faces a not-so-well-kept balcony. I would like to camouflage this with plants - I cannot construct anything like a trellis or have any creepers (there's no support). What kind of plants would be suitable? The balcony receives lots of direct sunlight - and June to September is rainy season here. I would like low maintenance plants, have seen a few palms - but any other ideas - maybe flowering shrubs etc?

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    If you want your plant to grow above the balcony edge, you need one that grows tall but is pretty resistant to wind and sun. How about bamboo in a planter. They grow tall and do a great job (all year round) of hiding what is next door. They are fairly low maintenance and self-sufficient once established.
    Cons: They do cause a lot of leaf drop - some species look pretty awful in the winter... but you can find some that are beautiful. Go for a clumping bamboo.
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    need photo(s).