Help for my small dream home .

Gazzala Thahseen
5 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi, I am starting a duplex home in 20*30 plot .the plan is finalized for ground plus duplex. This is a dream home which my parents are making for me since i have financial restrictions,duplex is where we will live with my 2 yr old daughter .I have a big issue since place is small i want to include storage as well use space .my major concern is my living cum dining which also has stair case to two bedrooms on second floor.The area is 17*13 I want to use staircase railings as tv mounting area.and space below stairs as my crockery and other storage since dining table will be close by. I am attaching the plan for your reference kindly help with your advice on low budget ideas .as i dont want to burden my parents with this also.Can i include an inbuilt dining area below stairs. where can i fit in handwash in first flloor .It will be of great help if you would advice thank you.

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