NEED HELP - Large Eucalyptus in my plot. Planning to build a house.

6 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago
  • There is a large eucalyptus (?) tree of over 40 feet growing (which will be in the backyard of the proposed plan) in our plot. (pic 1)
  • We want to build a house in that plot where the small back yard is about 9 feet wide (pic 2)
  • Soil type is red laterite
  • Area receives moderate rains for about 6 months a year
  • We want to retain the eucalyptus but doesn't want its roots affecting the foundation (branches falling is not an issue for us)
  • Is it possible to not fell / cut / prune the tree (keeping its full size) and yet build the house without its roots affecting the foundation (using root barriers or something like that)
  • Afterall, the tree was there first. And we do love to have huge shade coming from that end (scorching tropical sun)

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