5 Unusual Ways To Decorate Your Abode For Easter Sunday

Viva Home Decor
6 years ago

The olden ways are unusual but bring back the reminiscence of heritage!

Why not celebrate this resurrection of Jesus by artistically placing
antique decorating items all around your home? With the arrival of Easter Day, while all are busy arranging for Easter decorations, we feel that you must have an upper hand over your friends. Easter Sunday has a remarkable significance and you must plan brilliant celebration ideas.

Easter 2016 calls for being modest with your
beautifications. Try blending innovations with simplicity and here you
come out with something truly aesthetic for the day.
6 inch Glass Pot With Jute

Glass Jars with Jute Handles

Out of the many Easter basket ideas you can think of, woven glass jars with jute handles lighting up a candle inside can make amazing Easter baskets
that everyone will want to appreciate. Or take any round shaped glass
pot and accentuate it with rope to add elegance in its appearance along
with a candle lit up for some subtle luminosity.
Antiqued Birdhouse Tealight Holder

Egg Baskets

Specifically important! Easter celebrations would
not be complete without the Easter egg baskets cum tea-light candle
holders. Place in colorfully designed eggs and don’t forget to add some
flowers and twigs to them. To make your classic tea-light candle holder
more beautiful, light from the candle flame peeps out from the small
holes offering an amazing effect to the room.

Aged Tin Pitchers
Small Aged Tin Pitcher

Add some drama with the aged tin pitchers with tall & bright
flowers. They beautify the corners with modesty. Their special antiqued
look exemplifies the true spirit of celebrating Easter and remembering
Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Mercury Glass Structures
Antiqued Mercury Glass Candlestick

Use mercury glass pumpkins, gourds, vases and candle holders to
dominate the vintage theme of your decorative accessories. The metal in
itself increases the antique appeal. So why not try it for a change and
get in praises for yourself?
Hook Board

Speaking Hook Boards

Make people happy by hanging antique hook boards all around that have
a nice message to display. Something more than just wishes is anyways
appreciated. Let the hook boards do the job for you and spread
positivity with happy messages.

With Easter ideas flooding on the internet blogs,
you seem to be in a perplexed situation; not able to decide which one to
try this Easter. Coming to your rescue, Viva Home Decor suggests you to
adore your homes with an antique flavor. You can skip the modern
decorating items and invite modesty with our classic pieces.


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