Kitchen Cabinet Color Combination

Nan R
7 years ago

Hi -- I really could use some feedback on some kitchen cabinet colors I am thinking of.

The kitchen will have a 14 ft wall against which I will have the kitchen counter. There is also an island parallel to this counter - about 4 ft 6" in length x 3 ft 5" width. I expect to have very light brown backsplash tiles, black granite on counter top and a speckled with brown/grey/black on island. Floor tiles - Light brown.

Options are:

Option 1:

Upper cabinets - Glossy white

Base Cabinets

Island - This laminate (membrane finish) with a speckled granite pattern.

Option 2

Use this for lower cabinet with glossy white upper cabinet and same island color mentioned above

Option 3:

Use this for lower cabinet. Upper and island colors same as in #1 mentioned above.

Option 4:

Similar to option 1 but no espresso brown for island. instead the island will have the same color as base cabinet.

Any suggestions about which is best ?

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