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Meghana Sumesh
4 February 2016

Hey! I'm going to start remodeling my house entirely and was wondering if it's okay to paint the whole house the same shade of pearl white. I want to give each room a colour theme only with the furniture and not the walls. Each room has a lot of natural light coming in. So I wanted to know if it's a smart idea to keep the paint colour the same white for all the rooms uniformly.

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  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    Yes, it will make it look larger and cleaner
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  • PRO
    S Mistry Interiors

    Yes! You can always do accent walls or bring color in with furniture and decor.

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  • tfswest

    White can be difficult to work with because everything in the room can appear twiggy, disconnected, floating away. This can be solved by grounding it with color in the floor (natural wood flooring, carpets, your preference), and some gravity in the furniture and consistency of scale within each room, plus good-sized paintings on the walls to signal to the eye where the walls are, and yet still retain that airy brightness. Yours idea sounds like you are the way to a place you will love to be in.

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  • Rusty Empire

    Art galleries and shops do this all the time so that the eye can focus on the contents of the room and not the room itself. White is a neutral and with the right shade can appear warm, as opposed to hospital sterile - thats a look you want to avoid. We are keeping the walls white in our home because of an eclectic collection of antiques and tribal rugs - white walls allow us to showcase these items, not overpower.

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  • PRO
    Momentum Janitorial

    Hey Meghana,although pearl white is a stunning shade for whole house can
    add a glamorous touch to a classic neutral, but you have to maintain it
    regularly by proper cleaning.