How can we decorate around this wallpaper pattern?

Megan Everett
14 January 2016

Hi, we put up some wallpaper on the main wall of our bedroom a couple of years ago and have found it really hard to find bed coverings, accessories, a rug and furniture to tie in with so it's just sort of sitting there and we're at a bit of a loss. It was quite expensive so we're not keen to take it down...yet! As you can see it's quite "busy" and from certain angles, the silver tones reflect light in a cold way. I'm not really keen on the luxe look with its metallics and mirrors; I think that would make it look a bit tizzy and even colder. How can we add warmth and colour but avoid clashes?

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    Renovation Angel Interior Design Noosa

    Add a lovely upholstered bedhead (in natural linen) to your bed. This will break up the pattern, add warmth and texture to your room. Crisp white linens layered with greys, duck egg blue and natural linen would complement your wall paper perfectly. Stay clear of any patterns. (note photo credit : Hope this helps X

  • Megan Everett

    Thanks for those lovely suggestions; yes I think the soft bedhead would do wonders to both soften and reduce the overwhelming impact of the pattern. Hadn't thought of duck egg blue but yes, I can imagine that paired with the warm linen, it would look light and lovely.

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    Daring Flowers

    It looks great already and the bedhead will make it look amazing. I think breaking the colour pattern will be great too. You can using some small white pieces on the side tables and white frames above the bedhaead. Nothing much, just a few small pieces matching the bedhead and linen to break the overwhelming feeling from the colour pattern.

  • dohraime
    Agree completely with advice given!
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    Timandra Design & Landscaping

    If this were my dilemma I would be adding either red or green soft furnishings to the picture somehow. Either as the bed-cover or as cushions. The colours of the wallpaper are quite neutral and so to give it that lift, red or green would work really well.

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    Derek Wales and Son Surface Coatings

    Totally agree with the first comments, place your linen covered bedhead then layerd cushions and don't forget the beautiful effect of a darker tone thow on the end of the bed.

  • Megan Everett

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Have kicked off by ordering a linen bedhead this afternoon. Looking forward to re starting this project!

  • KK1000
    Soft velvety bed head in chocolate to calm it down .
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  • jemima72

    Maybe some bigger tall lamps or pendant lights hanging from ceiling may help.

  • Megan Everett

    Thanks Jemima72. I've actually got a pendant light (round and textured) still in a box waiting for an electrician to install it but have been putting that off because of the uncertainty of what else I was going to do with the room. It's great to have you validate this!

  • jllewell84

    What shape/sort of bedhead did you go with? The paper looks like a very Japanese print to me... I would have gone with linear timber and paper lamp shades etc IYKWIM - yes, the soft raw linen colours, but Japanese styling. I would go so far as to have Japanese style bedsides as well.

  • Megan Everett

    Japanese!! Yes; now you've said that I can't believe that hadn't dawned on me before, but it's probably why I chose it in the first place. I do have a love of Japanese styling and there's quite a bit of it in other rooms of the house. The bedhead is a neutral linen so I think I could get away with some subtle Japanese styling around it. I like the idea of paper lampshades and Japanese style side tables. Thank you.