Normal mirror/Frosted mirror/white paint - What reflects light best ?

5 years ago
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I'm re-modelling my extra bedroom (14'x9'6"). This room has 2 large windows at NE and SE side of the room, but they open inside. One opens to the kitchen another opens to the living room. The one near kitchen gets more sunlight.

Other half of the room does not have any window and it is very dark.

My goal is to maximize floor space and maximize light.

I've already changed the king size bed to a loft bed. I've got my floor space.

Whole room will be painted in light cream/ light green color and ceiling will be painted white. All furniture will be painted white or light green (depends on wall color).

Now, to get more natural light I'm planning to place a wardrobe (6'x6'6"x2') in such a way that it reflects the light towards other side of the room.

Can anyone please tell me which one of these will be best choice for wardrobe door if I want to maximize light ?

1. 'Normal' mirror

2. Frosted mirror

3. Glossy white paint

4. Glossy white board


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