How to place sectional? Long living / dining room

4 years ago
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Hi, I'm moving into a new house and I'm getting a sectional custom-made, so it can either be left-arm or right-arm. I'm trying to decide which layout would be best. The room is 13.3' ft wide by 24' long, and it serves as both living and dining room. There is a set of patio doors at one side that get southern exposure, and no other windows. The front door of the house opens directly into this room. The sectional I'm designing will be 9.2' on the long side and 6.6' on the short side. See sketch below (this is right-arm design but can also be made left-arm, dimensions in cm). I will be putting 2 white cushion mattresses on it as well as lots of pillows. I'm also planning to put a dining table in this room that will be roughly 6.5' long by 2.5' wide. Aside from these two pieces of big furniture, my plan is to keep this room very simple — just a rug in front of the sectional and a clear lucite coffee table that doesn't take up my visual space.

Possible layouts for this room (hand-drawn, not to scale):

Rug and coffee table I'm planning to put in front of the sofa:

Eager to hear your opinions!

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