Hiding conduits by chipping out cement plaster?

Gopi A
5 years ago
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Hi there!

So we didn't plan for down-light conduits in the ceiling while laying concrete slabs in our new house (first one we're building!).

Our electrician has suggested chiping away 1/2 inch of the cement plaster (we did 2 coats of plaster on the ceilings), and running a small pipe from existing ceiling conduits to wherever we need surface lights. He says we can cover it up with Plaster of Paris and paint over it and it'll save us from having to do a false ceiling.

My question is, will there be thin visible cracks on the joints where we've applied the PoP given some time? Or is this a good hack? Or do we need jointing tape on top of this to prevent these cracks?

I've attached photos of how the ceiling looks now, you can see a few randomly placed light points on it..

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