POLL: Hardwood flooring - paint or stain?

Tom Flanagan
16 October 2015
last modified: 16 October 2015

Flooring can be the basis for the theme of a room and set off the style you're going for, meaning the style you choose on the floor matters more than you might think! Hardwood flooring is a great example of how different treatments can have a variety of effects.

But what's your choice - do you prefer to paint them or stain them? Vote now and tell us your opinions below!

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I wouldn't know the difference!

Comments (9)

  • Najeebah
    I like both, but prefer stained
  • PRO

    I sanded and stained black, then varnished and nearly 10 years laters looks good, whilst my friend painted black, it chips and scratches and he has to re-paint every year.

  • Andrew Millar
    I've sanded all mine,3 coats of white emulsion and 2 coats of white floor paint.still looks lovely and fresh 2 years later.
  • PRO

    A stained floor is likely to give you more years of looking good without having too much maintenance

  • PRO
    Amber Jeavons Ltd

    Hello Tom,

    It's a good one and means I can't vote as I have a Jackboot in both camps! (which you haven't allowed for) Paint is soo fantastic and I tend to think colour rather than white..but... that's only because I have had white floors for 10 years.. so need a change... Stain is gr8 if you want to go dark and have a grainy feel... Dark wood paint too is fantastic.. especially electric blue and other wonderments... So it really does depend on the aesthetic preference and what else is happening in the room... : ))

  • PRO

    I have had samples sent to me of new product made by Treatex (who make wood stains). See Treatex Colour Collection

    They look great - photos of samples to follow

  • PRO
    Acorn Floor Sanding

    A stained floor would retain the natural beauty of a hardwood floor, whereas you would lose this character by block painting.

    - Gary

  • PRO
    Flooring Centre Ltd

    Staining can result in an artistic of flooring where the wood gets pronounced or just displayed more beautifully where paint would simply remove the grain from your eyes.

  • PRO
    Naos Floors Ltd.

    We'd always advise staining - keep the woods natural beauty!