Cultered Marble for Living, Dinning, Kitchen Room Flooring?

5 years ago

Hi .. I am actually from India and and even though there is an abundance of Natural stones, one of the drawbacks of using natural stones, especially Indian Marble, has been that they tend to get extremely cold during winters (much colder than the surroundings, like 5 - 10 degrees colder). It seems to have bothered the elderly folks in my family in the past and so they are suggesting (using that word would be an understatement :)) to not use Indian marble. I don't want to use Italian or Wooden flooring either for numerous reasons for the living, dinning and kitchen floorings. The only options I am left with are now tiles and cultered stones.

Tiles have issues with bends and hence with edges not matching. I don't want to use grout as I want to maintain a seamless feeling.

So, after listing the background, to my real question:

Can I use Cultered Marble (Composite Marble) as a flooring option for my Living, Dinning and Kitchen area? Is it an absolute no no or are their pros and cons that I can weigh and make the call?

Any comments, suggestions, advice will be highly appreciated!

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