POLL: Yay or nay - open plan kitchens?

Tom Flanagan
20 May 2015
last modified: 22 May 2015

In an increasingly liberal world, we're as liberal with our space as we are with anything else! According to our Houzz UK Kitchen Survey, open-plan kitchens are one of the most popular choices for kitchen layouts, and there's no surprise as to why - they're spacious, modern and practical.

But does the open-plan kitchen get your vote, or do you prefer something else? Vote and leave us a comment!

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Yay - Open-plan!

Comments (206)

  • PRO
    Clifton Stone

    We love open plan kitchens!

  • PRO
    Notting Hill Interiors

    The concept of an open planned kitchen is great , but to make it work you have to be meticulously tidy , they can become cluttered very quickly in day to use .

    When planned well they are amazing !!!

  • PRO
    MPD Kitchens and Bathrooms

    with open planed kitchen and kitchens that are not opened planed in our opinion open plan kitchen dont all ways work in all properties but do in some. also with opened planed kitchens this is a personal choice of the customers or clients

  • PRO

    Open plan- much more spacious

  • PRO
    King Cabinet MakersLtd

    Creating space for families to be together but doing there own thing highly important!

  • PRO
    Sella Concept

    It's the future of kitchen use! A Living / Kitchen. I'm in love with mine.

  • PRO
    Four Seasons Interiors
    Open plan kitchens or 'living spaces' as we tend to call them now, have been popular and evolving for the last 15 years or so, and have become one of the most called-for requests.
    They should however, be thoughtfully designed and not just mindlessly created. Sometimes the resultant space doesn't quite accommodate what the occupant thought it would; or an extension is built and opened through to the original home but the eventual contents ignored. There's nothing more upsetting, than to explain to a client who's half way through building an extension, that the island they craved, won't in fact fit the newly created space!

    We specialise in kitchen design and remodeling, so tend to design from the clients needs outwards. This sometimes proves an extension isn't justified, or often serves to optimise the size & shape of an extension to suit the internal flow & accommodation.

    I love open plan kitchen/dining/snug spaces but personally feel that a separate lounge or TV room is better if possible, than to have an entirely knocked through everything.
    Eventually the combination of beeping appliances, extractors and two sources of entertainment, can get irritating! If space allows, I would always recommend a separate utility room to keep the noisiest machines well away from living accommodation.
    Whatever you choose, make sure that plenty of thought and time is invested in the design process, before building or knocking through!
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  • PRO
    Two Levels

    love the idea of an open plan kitchen especially in a small, confined spaces!

  • PRO
    Roberts Kitchens and Bathrooms

    I love open plan kitchens, particularly for families, they create fabulous spaces to congregate and socialise.

  • PRO
    Structureform Ltd

    Yay, however square foot available space will determine how it looks.

  • PRO
    Formosa Building and Developing Ltd

    I vote yay, open plan kitchen encourages interaction with family and friends while you cook

  • PRO
    George Bond Interior Design

    Open plan kitchens are great, personally like a lot of curves and creating different work stations on the kitchen island itself.

  • PRO
    Matthew Godley - MGID Ltd.

    Open plan kitchens help bring a family together and interact with each other in a world when we are increasingly interacting only with ourselves online

  • PRO
  • PRO
    Office Art and The Interior Design Centre

    We have done many open plan kitchens at The Interior Design Centre

  • PRO
    Monaghan Building Services

    Open plan kitchens are definitely more family friendly and are the way forward. We mainly install open plan.

  • PRO
    Designer Kitchens

    more space with open plan

  • PRO
    Building Conservation Services

    Having just catered for 14 over Christmas, I would just like to raise a small positive for the 'hidden' kitchen, where screams of dismay and disaster management can remain out of view of the festive fun...

  • PRO
    Reniam Limited

    Its great if you have a young family or spend most of your time watching the inside of your fridge.

  • PRO
    Four Woods ltd

    Recently completed an open plan kitchen, great for socialising .

  • PRO
    PJC London

    Definitely benefits young families and
    professional couples. For larger families separate rooms gives much needed
    privacy/segregation/me time.

  • PRO
    Kutchenhaus Aberdeen

    We design such a lot of open plan living layouts. Trying to incorporate all elements of family living, helping to bring everyone together in the hub of the home. Even dealing with unusual shaped rooms

  • clunefamily

    i love the fact that the whole family can be together. I had one in my old house and we are doing another in our new one!

  • PRO
    Robin Swailes

    Our clients are finding open plan kitchens are giving them more space in our luxury apartments.

  • PRO
    Neil Mac Photo

    Love an open plan kitchen, creates a great feeling of space!

  • PRO
    Barclay+Phillips Architects

    Open plan kitchens are great family spaces, and really open up your home.

  • PRO
    Arlington kitchens Ltd

    Provided that you get the design, heating and light sorted out they are the best way to go. Especially in a new extension.

  • PRO
    Thistlegrey Interiors

    Great kitchen voted yay.

  • PRO
    Home Interior Design

    Love open plan kitchens, however sometimes it is great to be able to 'shut the door' on the mess.

  • PRO
    Moxy & Co Studio

    Open plan kitchens can maximise space and serve more than one purpose becoming a true heart of a house.

  • PRO
    GreenBird Properties Ltd

    Conversion of a bungalow to house · More Info
    I designed and installed this wonderful handmade kitchen, open plan is defiantly the way forward.

  • PRO
    XL Architects LLP

    these really are best for modern living

  • PRO
    AA Drafting Solutions

    Open Plan Kitchens are the way forward. Best to use integrated appliances in the units and a Island is always a bonus. Recent project completed below...

    Open Plan Kitchen Living Room · More Info

  • PRO
    Somerset Joinery, Kitchens & Bedrooms

    Open plan great idea in the right place

  • PRO
    Kitchen Care Stafford

    I like open plan!

  • PRO
    Hill Magee

    we like open plan kitchens as they are great for socialising

  • PRO
    Studio Gabrielle

    I prefer that clients, particularly developers, prefer open plan kitchen. Louise - Studio Gabrielle.

  • PRO

    Open Plan Kitchens are the Hub of the house and is great family space

  • PRO
    A+D Studio Ltd

    It's all depends on the situation and design.

  • PRO
    Tricker Blackie Associates Ltd

    Open plan kitchens are great!

  • PRO
    McCombie Construction Ltd.

    Great for entertaining!

  • PRO
    BPL Architecture

    The more light the better.

  • PRO
    European Interiors

    yay open kitchen!

  • PRO
    Retrac Carpentry & Joinery

    Open plan kitchens are ideal for a modern family home.

  • PRO
    Inspired Interiors

    I think it depends on the room sizes and light aspect as to whether an open plan kitchen works or not, but I like them

  • PRO

    Yah to open plan family orientated spaces with lots of light and laughter.

  • PRO
    Murray & Murray Ltd

    We are often approached by clients who are creating an open plan kitchen, dining and living area. To overcome some of the issues we make cabinetry which can hide away the usual clutter found in a busy kitchen. Bi-fold and pocketing doors are great in this instance as ovens and even sinks can be hidden away, making the cabinetry seem more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen. Our clients love being able to change the look of a space in an instance!

    It is crucial to make sure you choose your appliances carefully, i.e. a quiet dishwasher and a good extractor are of huge benefit here.

    As long as the space is thoughtfully planned there is no reason that it shouldn't work functional and aesthetically.

  • krissie13

    We have just created a open plan living dining kitchen. Its fabulous and I love the fact that I am not isolated from everyone. We have made a utility cupboard away from the open plan space for the washer and dryer and we also have a seperate room which is a quiet sitting room for days you may want to be alone to read or study. I love it and find it to be the best way to live where everyone remains involved with each other.

  • PRO
    Hatice Interiors

    Like the colour and material-wood of the kitchen