Lighting Help for Living room -

Pradeep Maurya
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


I would need lighting help for my Living room size 14x16 .

I have marked the basic furniture layout and window position. I have painted the walls in light. I have marked the light point. do add more light point on walls. This is the default light point i got with the apartment. three points are on the ceiling. Height of the celing is 9.5 feet.

How much lumens is enough to illuminate the living. Should i opt for LED or CFL or T5Tube. How to achived the layered lighting.

I dont have plan to put - recessed lights (False celiing ). Instead i would lilke to use wall scounces,wall washers , table lamps and focus lights.

Your advice would be of great help.

thanking you.

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