How to waterproof basement during construction

Mathlesh Kumar
7 years ago

I am building a new house in Gurgaon, India. I have dug the basement and found that water table is high in that area. Water table is only 6.5 feets. Please suggest me techniques/products should be used to make sure that basement don't get flooded or damped later.

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    Cancork Floor Inc.
    7 years ago

    In USA and Canada, when the water table is that high...we are not allowed to dig basements past a certain depth (local ordinances make it illegal). Look to your local building codes. Hire an engineer and then think about living without a basement if you don't have much luck on solving this.

    If the water table is that high, you may have to look at earth stabilization techniques to protect against liquefaction during an earthquake. If you are in the rainy season, you may have to wait until the dry season to excavate a "half" basement (only a few feet below ground and the house has a raised basement).

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