Ideas for refurnishing living room

10 years ago
I decided to refurnish my living room as a gift for my parents' anniversary, but after a couple of purchases, I've run into a bit of a design/aesthetic brick wall.

The couch was darker than I wanted and coupled with the depressing wall color, the room feels very boring. The TV was cool and I'm looking for a TV stand to match it and make it look contemporary. I'm also looking for a kind of shag carpet to add a touch of modernity/style for which I also bought a really cool railway-style hanging clock.

What would you guys suggest to improve the look of the room? I was thinking of new coat of paint, curtains, carpet, and maybe even rearranging the furniture. Putting the TV on the opposite wall would give me more wall space but then the couch would be a squeeze. It's proving to be a hassle to match the stuff, especially with the existing wood fixtures that run the height of the room.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

PS. All the 'stuff' under the TV is going to go. And I tried posting before, so if you've already read this, my apologies.

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