Need Help for designing my House!!

Atul Patil
10 years ago
last modified: 10 years ago
Dear All,

This is the actual design of my home at currently. The main Hall of my house is surrounded by rooms and all, leads to getting insufficient light in main hall. Kindly suggest me, where can i put a window or any other restructuring needs to do?
Plz suggest, how can I rearrange my rooms & Halls, as the rooms shown in the fig. are small, and the width of which is equal to length of COT/BED in the rooms. I want to arrange some furniture in it, which furniture should I use?
Again I want to made a new washroom/Toilet, where can I construct it?

Also, plz suggest me the best colour combinations for walls of the Hall and rooms.

Plz suggest, any other change to make my houzz SUPERB!!
[Note: this is not actually drawn to scale..! The distance between Poles and wall of the Hall is equal to width of the rooms at both side. The width of hall is double the width of Rooms which is around 7 feet.
Width of bedrooms: 7 feet.
Length of bedrooms: 12 feet
width of main Hall: 13 feet
Length of Main Hall: 26 feet
Width of Kitchen-washroom & Store room: 8 feet
Lenght of Kitchen & Store room: 27 feet.
Size of Welcome room is equal to Bedroom]

Thanks in anticipation,



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