Need Help for designing my House!!

Atul Patil
8 years ago
Can you plz suggest me, to make the main Hall of my home well designed?
Photograph of Hall is attached herewith. It shows, The person who is standing there is the entrance of hall. Then people are watching the TV which is fixed in showcase close to wall & at its right side(corner), there is entrance of one Bedroom.
Then picture has taken from the entrance of the Kitchen and while taking this pic, there is one bed room at my left side and another bed room at the end of left corner.
In short, Hall has total 6 doors.
1 is entrance, 2nd bedroom at right side of TV, 3rd kitchen entrance on same wall wr people are facing to watch TV, 4th, at my left side while taking this picture, 5th at the end of the wall at my left side & 6th is at left corner of a wall i am facing, where some while Bags have kept.
Hall has two pillars, aligned in the way that, the distance from both the walls and pillars are same at both side.
Again I want to fix one stares to go up on next floor.
Now plz suggest how to design it.
Also suggest which types of tiles/marbles i should use, colour of walls, chairs, show case, sofa set etc. Also suggest some good furniture, where to fix up stares.
Thanks in anticipation!!
Atul, India.

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