Cabinet quote

10 years ago

I've quoted several brand of semi-custom and custom build cabinets. The price range as follow:

Medallion: Designer Gold $15,550
Shuler: $16,800
Diamond: Reflection $17,000
Touchstone(was Geppetto kitchens): 15,000
Bridgewood: Advantageline 12,400
Cliqstudios: $11,200

All brands are the same layout, all plywood, and options. Does any one have Touchstone and Bridgewood? I searched Gardenweb, there does not have many information of these. One more things is I wonder if they are EPS (Environmental Stewardship Program)?
I would opt Medallion or Touchstone. Since I don't have enough information of Touchstone, I don't know I'll pick it or not. Because they are custom build cabinetry, the quality might be higher than Medallion.
So if you were me, which one you will pick?

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