Decorating a family room from scratch - purchased a tan sectional sofa

Rashi Gupta
6 years ago
We will soon be moving into our first and new house :) .. and we are in the process of buying furniture. First of all, all the awesome bloggers here, Thank you. It is with your advice that a lot of us take courage to decorate our spaces .
Here is a couch we purchased. And the approximate room measurements. We are planning to place the couch opposite the wall with the windows and the fireplace (in brown). How do I lighten the heavy feeling of this couch ? We could still choose not to get this couch, and cancel our purchase (we have ten days). But the couch is uber-comfortable... and I have faith I can make this work :) . The room is bare, white walls, and dark espresso hardwood floors.
I thought of adding a pair of fabric upholstered single seat sofas opposite the sectional, in front of the fireplace, with a square , earthy looking coffee table in the middle (should it be wood, distressed wood, or glass?) . We also have a TV on top of the fireplace, so we are thinking of placing two matching low tables, underneath the windows, to hold the entertainment- stuff (cds, receivers, remotes, books, etc). I could place a rug-hearth rug- in front of the fireplace, under the single seat sofas. But what color palette and weave ? I can see that this will take on a very earthy, rustic feel.
My main concern is to lighten the bulky feel of this couch, with lighter, airy placements, and give it more color, than just tan.
Thanks to all of you in advance for your suggestions!

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