Keeping the Utility Bills on the down-low

7 years ago
Imagine a world where your rent included payment for your utility bills, or every apartment block has solar panels for the heating and lighting. It would be an awesome stress-free life huh? Well, unfortunately, all that has to remain in our imagination a little while longer, in the meantime, we have to watch that thermostat setting like a hawk and do laundry once a week.

However, today we’re giving out tips that might seem small on their own, but are guaranteed to save you a lot of power usage in the grander scheme.

Energy saving bulbs

This is perhaps the easiest implementable method. Energy efficient bulbs use less energy to give the same amount of light compared with the regular incandescent bulbs. That’s not all, they provide that lighting at a whopping 25% of energy used by incandescent bulbs, and last between 6-10 times as long. You’ll be saving both on energy and replacement costs.

The thermostat

Watch it like a hawk. Keep it off when you aren’t at home, or slightly warmer or cooler depending on the season. You’ll be surprised just how much you can save by having your thermostat at one degree less.

Before moving into a new place, inquire from your Smart City Locating or leasing agent whether it’s possible to have a programmable thermostat, which you can then set around your schedule. This way, you don’t have to freak out about having forgotten to set the thermostat once you’ve already left home.

Low-flow taps and showers

Replace your regular water fixtures with low-flow ones to maximize the efficiency of hot water consumption. Even without complete replacement, which you may not be allowed, you can install attachments on the existing fixtures for the same purpose. You can save as much as 43% of water consumption with these simple additions.


Have a few timers to regulate the schedules of your electronics and lights. Adjust them where daylight saving hours is applicable.
Adjust the curtains

If you have windows facing the direction of direct sunlight, south-facing windows for instance, keep the shades drawn in the summer months to keep the apartment cooler and open them in winter to warm up the place.

Don’t leave electronics plugged in

Even when turned off, electronics and appliances still draw power provided they are plugged in. If you don’t use them on a regular basis, unplug them – toasters, stereos, blenders etc. Also, you might want to buy a power strip which you can use to regulate multiple electronic devices and appliances simultaneously.

To know more, visit this site: http://www.smartcitylocating.com

We hope these 6 simple tips can help you reduce your power bills significantly. You should research on other ways you can make savings, as well as what measures your landlord will/won’t allow you to take in your quest.

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