Narrow corridor/pathway to guest bedroom

8 years ago
We have a guest bedroom adjacent to kids room. The entry door to the guest bed room is outside the passage, once you open the door there is this 6 ft long 3.5 feet wide passage, want to decorate this place and make it look wider. As of now thinking to hang an artwork with focussed light and painting this area the same color as the whole room. Your ideas are welcome.

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  • PRO
    8 years ago
    mirrors are simple, yet effective ways to make your space feel larger than it really is. An added bonus to the illusion is the practicality of mirrors. What mirror have you walked by that you don’t want to check out how you look? Mirrors help your space, and help you create a look that no longer feels cramped and now feels personalized and yours!
    i think mirrors will be better and there is unlimited choices framed or not decorative or colored it depnds on you
  • Sudha
    Original Author
    8 years ago
    Thanks Basmalino. Thought will do the mirrors for the foyer, but then its here in this passage i will need it the most, yes it will definitely open up, and I personally love mirrors, Found a nice collection on the internet, the ones you shared is also cute.