Can an island be put into a small kitchen

10 years ago
New appartment. The kitchen is 8 feet length by 7 feet width. This is in India, Its on open kitchen with no entry door, exit door towards end opening to the balcony/ utility area.
the builder has given parallel kitchen. I dream one with an island. Drooling over all the islands in houzz. Islands are new concept here.
I have made a diagram with both options.
1) Please let me know which is better for space utilization. Option A or B.
2) Is an island possible here, in this tiny kitchen, would it look practical and good.
3) In this scenario, what would be the Ideal measurement of an island. (This will be more of a multipurpose table/ prep area/ breakfast nook, with no stove or sink on top of it.) Counter top and island will be granite. Want to have couple of stools for seating
Appreciate your comments and suggestions. Any reference picuture will help. I am yet to get a consultation from the builder, thought of checking here first. Thank you !.

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