3 Reviews for FLOOR HUT

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Relationship: chosen by contractor
Project Date: September 2017
Project Price: Less than ₹1,00,000
We have had nothing but problems from this company from the beginning. Our hot water heater busted, ruining over 3/4th of the flooring our house. We picked out the flooring that we wanted from another company (at request of the contractor), when the rep from Floor Hut came out he brought out one sample board that contained nothing similar to what I originally picked out. It me being insistent that I did not like any of them for him to then to say "well I have one more sample in my car" That one sample was the exact one I had chosen. We believe they were trying to sell us a lesser product and charge the cost of the originally chosen product cost. Second issue, we had them do dry stack stone on our fireplace. They left large enough gaps that you could see the wall behind it. Their fix was to come in and grout it with a color that was about 10 shades lighter than the stone, and only grout the cracks. This was a ridiculous fix. We we refused to go with their fix of regrouting all if it in a darker grout and insisting they fix it by redoing it the owner stated "then we are out of the project". Third issue, We had very high grade carpet with top of the line padding in our master bedroom. When picking out the new carpet (that was to be of the same quality) they again brought out one sample board. I picked a color I liked but told the guy that the product does not seem as good as what we had. He proceeded to tell me we were just picking out a color. We had the carpet installed, took one look at it and one feel of it. The quality of this carpet they put in our house is close to apartment grade quality. When our contractor told them this he was told the carpet they laid was a higher quality than what we had previously had. He requested the exact specs to compare it to our old carpet (Ins co. required a sample to investigate its specs). When the comparison came back it was no where close to the same quality. Floor Hut over charged for a lesser quality and tried to pass it off as high quality. They have been trying to scam us, our insurance and our contractor from the beginning. If I could give No stars I would, one star is being to generous.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2013
Project Price: ₹1,00,000 – ₹10,00,000