20 Reviews for Bella Vista Developments

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2018
Project Price: More than ₹1,00,00,000
Ours was a big project, spanning two-and-a-half months, including the replacement of an entire exterior wall with a wall of windows, moving a fireplace, complete kitchen reno, complete powder room reno, complete ensuite bathroom reno, building and tiling a sunroom roof, plus significant painting, baseboards and trim replacement, lighting and other updates in the house.
Someone smarter than me told me that when you’re interviewing potential contractors for a big job, don’t only pay attention to the price, but to the people offering the service – because they will be big part of your life for a significant period of time and it will make a big difference if you like them. We liked Jeremy and Sheena (Bella Vista owners) from the get go. Probably the best compliment I can pay is that now, even months later, I still like them and throughout the process remained consistently impressed with their staff. They were steadfastly professional, courteous, resourceful, good-humoured, seemed to sincerely enjoy working together, and at times I thought of them more as artists, paying meticulous and balanced attention to both the beauty and durability of our end product. The underlying bones of a project which includes a great deal of sawing and hammering and precision planning and construction is just as important as the beautiful layer eventually placed on top of it.
Sheena and Jeremy are awesome and they have assembled an awesome hard-working team to look after everything from cabinets and flooring to tiling, electrical, plumbing and cleaning needs; Anesti, Jordan, Larissa, Sarah, Jesse, Mitch, Tom, Kerti, Anna, Darc, Zac, Sheldon, Matt, Oscar & Charlie…and I apologize to those whose names I’ve missed.
Bella Vista delivered what they promised. The always showed up (sometimes even on long weekends just to get a job done). With us living in part of the house during the renovation, they were always considerate of that fact. Particularly in the design phase, they were more than willing to try new things, think outside the box, be innovative, and displayed great patience and flexibility. Their Co-Construct online project management system was a user-friendly interface between them and me as homeowner and an excellent way to keep track of a large complicated project. I’m sure there were a million more issues than I was made aware of, and problems were only brought to me after they’d already considered possible solutions. We greatly appreciated their attention to detail on final walkthrough and dedication to getting things wrapped up on time or as soon as possible.
I cannot recommend Bella Vista highly enough.
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